Monday, December 17, 2012

12/17/12 Neoprog

Intro:  So I'm breaking away from my initial project for a while.  I've been nominated to become a member of the Neo Progressive Rock team at my favorite web site,, and I'm pretty excited about the honor.  In preparation, I'm immersing myself into the genre for the next couple of weeks (Christmas being the exception).  Assuming that the nomination goes through and I become part of the team, there will be frequent excursions from 'The Project' to keep more up to date on what is coming out.

The good news is that the blog isn't going away.  The better news, if you're here looking for recommendations on new music, there will be a larger focus on new prog rock as it comes out.  There will still be a focus on albums so I'm going to keep the format that I already have going for me.

There probably won't be a lot of 'moodies' as most of the moody albums are ones for a particular genre that I don't always listen to.  For instance, I need to be in the right mood to enjoy 70's funk  . . . no, bad example, I can always dig a little funk (can't we all), I guess 80's New Wave is a good example, loved it growing up and enjoy it these days when I'm feeling nostalgic.

By my initial calculations, The Project was going to be completed by May or June, I anticipate that we'll be going into the fall of next year now.  So, stick around, maybe we'll get some new folk in here.  Feel free to drop comments, I'll post just about everything that is sent.

So with that being, I'm starting the with the top rated Neo-Prog albums from The Prog Archives, I'm also sprinkling the most recent works by some of the luminaries of the field, Marillion, Arena, Magenta.

The Albums:
  • All Rights Removed - Airbag
  • Sounds That Can't be Made - Marillion
  • The Seventh Degree of Separation - Arena
  • Shooting Albatross - Abel Ganz
  • Moonshine - Collage
  • Elements - Introitus
  • Misplaced Childhood - Marillion
  • In the Last Waking Moments - Edison's Children
  • Script for a Jester's Tear - Marillion
The Wrap Up:  

Sadly, I was too busy at work and didn't listen closely enough throughout the day to give proper ratings.

The Final Tally:
  • Winner

  • Growers

  • Keepers

  • Wibblers (no opinion one way or another)

  • Moodies (Albums for a certain mood)

  • Bleh

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